Our Work

GRAVIS' work gives the villagers of the Thar Desert access to the resources they need to survive. As environmental conditions threaten the livelihood of farmers and herders we have specially developed programs to improve the agricultural yields and well-being of livestock. These projects fall under Food and Fodder Security. A main component in this realm is water, and as it is the foundation of survival for all life in the desert, we have many projects specifically devoted to collecting rainwater to create clean and sustainable sources of drinking water. This work can be found in Water Security. Even with increased infrastructure in these areas, many villagers still face malnutrition and disease due to a lack of sanitation and medical facilities. In hopes of giving these individuals the medical care they need, GRAVIS runs a hospital in Tinwari and organizes a number of other health related programs explained in the Health section. Our fourth focus area is education as it holds the key to a better life for the children growing up in the Thar Desert. We run a number of schools and have a variety of outreach programs as shown in the Education section. We realise the complexity of communities in the region and know that oppression often runs along social boundaries creating large sections of society which face a number of unique challenges. We have identified women, mineworkers, and the elderly as marginalised groups and have organized a number of community based organisations to meet their needs. More information on this can be found in the Communities section. Finally, in situations where grassroots work is not sufficient we have a number of legal resources we use to help villagers gain access to government programs. We supplement these with community level trainings, as well as our own independent research. This content can be found under Advocacy, Training, and Research.