The Core Team

The GRAVIS staff currently includes over 180 full-time workers and over 400 part-time workers. The core team is comprised of the following individuals:


Dr. R.P. Dhir, a scientist and the former Director of Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI), is the President of GRAVIS Governing Board. Under his leadership and guidance, GRAVIS runs not only as a development organization but also as an institution implementing technical expertise and innovations toward natural resource management and rainwater harvesting.


Shashi Tyagi, the co-founder of GRAVIS and the Secretary of the Board. She is a notable and devoted activist in India and a member of the governing boards and committees of many development organizations. At present, she is the administrative head of GRAVIS, serving as Secretary. With her immense field experience, particularly working for the empowerment of women, she endows GRAVIS with valuable suggestions and guidance.


Dr. Prakash Tyagi, the Executive Director of GRAVIS, is a physician and a public health professional by education. At GRAVIS, he oversees administration, coordinates various programmes, develops new projects, and fosters new partnerships. He has been with GRAVIS since 1999.


Rajendra Kumar, a Senior Programme Coordinator, has been with GRAVIS since 1987. He plays an integral role in project planning, coordination, decision-making, and program implementation. He represents GRAVIS in various seminars, conferences, and training programs across the country and internationally on behalf of GRAVIS.


Dr. Vasundhera is a physician and a public health professional with maternal and child health and nutrition expertise. With firm determination to improve the healthcare facilities of the region, she leads the GRAVIS hospital. Apart from leading the hospital, her basic responsibilities include addressing women and children's health needs, organizing training programmes, and raising awareness.


Roshan Lal Kukreti, a social worker in the truest sense of the term, has dedicated his life to GRAVIS for the past 30 years. With his keen understanding of people's needs in the field and his great rapport with community members, he has been a tremendous asset to the team. Holding a master's degree and a number of years of field experience, he also leads GRAVIS' initiatives for empowering the elderly.


Ramavtar Singh heads GRAVIS' finance team. He has been associated with GRAVIS since 1989. His duties include heading GRAVIS finance team and taking care of overall organizational accounts.  


Rahul Mishra has been a Senior Programme Coordinator at GRAVIS since 2008. He manages a large number of projects for GRAVIS, dealing particularly with public health activities and water security.


Veena Mathur is a GRAVIS Programme Coordinator, and facilitates GRAVIS' various projects on women empowerment


Manju Soni is a dedicated women field supervisor in the GRAVIS team that plays an active role in organizing various women's initiatives. 


Above core team works directly with a strong 180 full time workers of GRAVIS and along with over 2,800 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that GRAVIS has created in rural areas.