At GRAVIS, we believe that the means of rural development are just as important as the ends. Therefore, in all of our initiatives, we use methods that are fair and sustainable, preserving our commitment to Gandhian ethics. The six main elements of our methodology are as follows:
Participation: When GRAVIS implements a project, representatives from the beneficiary community participate at every stage of the process, from planning to implementation to monitoring. These representatives are often part of people’s organizations that GRAVIS has helped to establish, where they gather with other members of the community to discuss issues and decide on action. We highly value the wisdom and experience of these individuals, and their participation ensures that our projects are need-based and community-driven.
Inclusion: GRAVIS has a deep concern for the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalized groups. In all our projects, we make sure that no one is excluded due to gender, age, caste, or religion. We also target groups that are particularly in need of care, such as pregnant women and infants.

Capacity Building: During every project, GRAVIS strengthens as an organization, improving our techniques and developing the knowledge and skills of our staff. Each project also builds capacity within the beneficiary community, forming structures and organizations that can facilitate future efforts.
Blending Science and Tradition: GRAVIS firmly believes in the importance of local wisdom. Rather than ignoring local knowledge, we embrace it and complement it with modern techniques developed scientifically. This marriage of science and tradition has proved effective in a variety interventions and helps to build support from villagers.
Self-Reliance: In order for GRAVIS’ projects to be sustainable, communities must ultimately take ownership. We promote self-reliance in our activities by raising contributions from the community members and generating support at a grassroots level. Many of our projects are either planned or carried out with the help of village volunteers.
Cooperation: Although GRAVIS encourages communities to be self-sufficient, as an organization, we cannot operate on our own. We depend on an extensive network of partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and individuals. These entities provide essential resources and support for all of our efforts.