About Us

GRAVIS is a leading Non-Governmental Organization in India that takes a Gandhian approach to rural development. Founded in 1983 by the late L. C. Tyagi, Shashi Tyagi and a group of development practitioners, GRAVIS has been strongly influenced by the Sarvodaya Movement which works first for the poor in order to uplift the entire society. GRAVIS began its work in a small village of Jodhpur District. 

Since then, GRAVIS has expanded rapidly and now spans over 1,500 villages in the Thar Desert, in Uttarakhand, and in Bundelkhand reaching a population of over 1.3 million people. With 17 offices and centers, including a hospital, and an expanded administrative office in Jodhpur city, the GRAVIS team is made up of staff dedicated to improving the lives of villagers any way they can. Due to the tremendous efforts of the team, GRAVIS has come to occupy a leading position amongst the voluntary organizations in India, with national and international recognitions.

While our programmes and centres have evolved over time, our commitment to Gandhian principles of community development remains at the core of all we do.